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What others are saying

If yall love candles like I do, you have to check out these awesome candles hand made by Megan Reep with Mav Wicks Candle Co. I just picked mine up 15 min ago and already have my favorite scent (teakwood) burning! P.S. also read up on her story behind these candles, she is amazing.

Alyssa Compton

Megan Reep, this is beautiful. You are beautiful. I love everything about these candles! As someone who has suffered from extreme postpartum depression and anxiety, I love seeing how you have overcome this battle in your own way. I never utilized affirmations when I was struggling. I was in such denial for so long that I think I had lost myself so much that even saying things like “I am worthy” or “I am free” would have made me cry and doubt my self even more. It’s so easy to hide behind our emotions when society tells us that we are supposed to be put-together and perfect as women [and mothers]. Thank you for sharing your story and helping others see that society is wrong. It’s ok to feel the emotions, but it’s how we handle it that makes us worthy and free.

Cameron Fox

When Megan Reep told me she was starting Mav Wicks Candle Co. I was like, “Well of course you are!” And then I went on to read her company story and mission and I was like, “WELL OF COURSE ITS THIS GREAT!”I couldn’t wait to get my first candle from her. As a person who, like a lot of people out there, is just going through it right now — it’s important to keep my self talk positive. SO. Today, I’m happy I opened my mail to THIS candle with THIS message. “I am worthy.”

Nealie Sanchez