Our Story

Why I Started Mav Wicks Candle Co.

My youngest son was born in April 2020, right in the height of the pandemic. Immediately after he was born, he went straight to the NICU for breathing complications. He spent the first 9 days of his life in the NICU. Because of the pandemic, I had to leave my brand-new baby at the hospital overnight, not knowing what I was going to walk into the next day. Thankfully ,he pulled through and is the happiest, chunkiest little dude you’ll ever meet. Because of that mess, and my back-to-back pregnancies… I was heavily affected by postpartum depression. My poor husband tried to do everything he could to just get me to smile. One night we had a long talk and he asked me to explain how I was feeling. If you have ever struggled with PPD, then you know that there are no words for it. The best I could come up with was, “I just feel like a bruise. Ugly, annoying, sensitive, useless. My pain is deep.” That night brought a lot of breakthrough in my PPD journey. I began searching for ways to climb out of this funk. This is where my daily affirmations came in. Every day throughout the day, I said these 5 affirmations to myself. I am worthy. I see my own beauty. I am capable. I am free. I accept myself. If you really know me, you know I am a creative person. I wanted to come up with a way to share these affirmations with other women who may also be struggling with anxiety and depression, but I wanted to do it in a creative way. Thus, The Affirmation Candle Line was born.

I want to share with you the affirmations that pulled me out of a dark place. I will be hand pouring each candle with my heart and energizing them with Amethyst crystals that are meant to ease anxiety and bring peace.

Mav Wicks goal is to destigmatize the talk of depression. We want everyone to know that they are enough. They are worthy. They are beautiful.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story, and I hope you can see my heart through these candles.

Love, Megan