4 OZ Wax Melt Trays

4 OZ Wax Melt Trays

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White Birch - Our White Birch fragrance oil adds a new layer of sophistication to traditional pine scents with vivid notes of eucalyptus, cypress, and tonka bean, creating a unique aromatic crispness.

Cashmere & Cedar - Sweet top notes sprinkle over a bed of petals and finish with a smooth, woody base. Top - vanilla sugar. Middle - rose, jasmine, vanilla orchid. Bottom - cedarwood, creamy vanilla, smooth musks

Elijah Blue - Crisp watery accents add sparkle to an accord of tropical foliage that accents the fruity heart of this summer blend. Pineapple, goji berry and mango are perfectly blended for an exotic sensation, as a hint of driftwood adds lingering tones of sunny warmth to the island sensation. Inspired by the Capri Blue® (Volcano) scent.

Sweet Grace - Green, citrusy, fresh top notes with floral middle notes of rose, jasmine & lily enhanced by long lasting woody, musky, earthy, amber & sweet cotton candy type bottom notes.

Baja Cactus Blossom - The alluring beauty of a cactus flower is captured in a blend of bergamot, fresh white flowers, green cactus stems, sunkissed coconut, and softwoods.

Tobacco & Bayleaf -This inviting, masculine fragrance has refreshing citrus top notes followed by exotic florals drying to a delicate background of sandalwood, cedar and warm musk.

Sandalwood & Suede - Rich dark chocolate, cedar, & suede sprinkled with green herbs & jasmine held together with luscious woods, amber, & velvet musks.

Black Coral & Moss - Very much a mandle (man candle). Dive into the darkly aquatic, aromatic experience of Black Coral and Moss. This sensual fragrance oil marries notes of lavender, amber, dark musk, and vetiver.

Leather & Lace - The perfect mix of feminine and strong. Soft leather with vanilla- one of our best selling fragrances!

Watermelon Lemonade - A summer fruity blend of watermelon, tangerine and red berries with mid notes of peach nectar and muget on base notes of vanilla and spun sugar.

Orange peels and lemon zests sweetened by shaved coconut and French vanilla, and Tonka Bean.

Coconut Sands - Tantalizing spritz of musky sea salt, tonka bean, coconut milk, and black sand.

Creamy Vanilla - A rich and creamy blend of coconut and berries with mid notes of soft butter and mimosa all on a bed of sweet vanilla and warm Tonka Bean.